Beach near Wheal Dream, Cornwall

A weekend at Wheal Jane, Wheal Dream

As a party of nine (five adults, three children and one dog) we headed to Wheal Jane for a weekend of relaxation and to celebrate Mum / Nanny’s birthday. Just outside Helston, not far from the harbour of Porthleven its location is brilliant, and I personally got the chance to see a few new places in Cornwall.

Upon arrival we couldn’t have been happier as the cottage was spotlessly clean and the house was much larger than expected. After emptying the cars and stocking the fridge we lit a decent sized fire in the wood-burning hot tub and walked the 200 yards or so from the cottage to the Wheal Dream restaurant. We had booked a table in advance as we knew the restaurant has a great reputation and can often be fully booked. The meal was marvellous as was the atmosphere and service, and being Wheal Dream guests, we received 10% off our bill. After a delicious and satisfying meal as well as a couple of drinks, we wandered back to the house.

A soak in the hot tub followed by a good night’s sleep, and we were raring to go the next day which kicked off with 18 holes of free football golf that saw all participants laughing and smiling in the sunshine. One of the great things about Wheal Dream is that there are loads of extras thrown in (including golf, football golf and rugby golf) and all are available to guests free of charge. After letting the kids have a quick go on the swings, we decided to keep the day action-filled and packed with fun, so we jumped in the car and headed to Praa Sands.

The beach is majestic, and with a beautiful clear and crisp day ahead of us, we enjoyed a long walk hoping to let the kids and dog burn off some of their energy. As we arrived back to the cars the wind had started to pick up which was no surprise as storm Callum was due later in the day, so after a quick clean up we drove a short way to the harbour town of Porthleven.

Made famous in recent years for images of waves lashing against the town’s church, it’s definitely one to visit if you’d like to see a proper coastal storm in all its glory. We wandered along the inner harbour to Rick Stein’s where we enjoyed a first-class meal in a warm cosy environment. As we stepped out of the restaurant it was apparent that the storm was well on its way; the beautiful clear skies had vanished, and the wind had started to bite. The inner harbour at Porthleven was relatively calm but a stroll towards the sea, and the savagery of the oncoming storm became apparent. There is something quite mesmerising about watching the ocean in these conditions, and as the storm approached, we felt like we were being treated to a very special sight.

Back in the house we locked the front door and enjoyed a lovely relaxing night in our holiday home whilst the storm howled outside.  The kids enjoyed playing the wii and running around in the open plan bungalow and upon waking the next day we realised that the weather had deteriorated further.  Unfortunately, there was to be no more hot tub or football golf, and the planned golf match was put on hold. 

Even though we stayed indoors in the warm (with the exception of taking the dog out), I’m pleased to report that the dreaded cabin fever didn’t strike. Wheal Jane is equipped with all the Smart TV services you’d want as well as a Sky Q package that includes the sports channels. Plenty of space means comfort on even the rainiest of days and as testament to this, the day flew by with everyone enjoying their time together without a second thought for the outdoor plans that had been scuppered.

It was a wonderful break in a brilliant property and the resort extras just help enhance the experience all the more.  We will return as there is plenty we didn’t get to do, and the property layout is perfectly set up for our family’s needs with two bedrooms either side of the living areas.  I also think we’ll need a football golf rematch as I think I’ll win next time…

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Phil Beattie, Director, Luxury Coastal

Phil Beattie, Managing Director

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about my work is that I get to see some of the best locations in the country. Living in Devon also means I’m never far from a fantastic beach or spectacular countryside which is where I spend most of my spare time with my amazing family.

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