The way we do things

The holiday you’ve booked with Luxury Coastal is important – to all of us. You’ve put real thought into your choice. That cute cottage you picked close to the beach, with the outdoor hot tub? It meant something to you. And you probably had to juggle dates and availability and commitments to nab it for the right week that works for everyone.

This is your escape. It needs to be just right…

So, it’s personal

We get it. We’re real people, who go on holidays too. That’s why everyone you deal with at Luxury Coastal will always show you genuine attention. It’s who we are and what we do.

We go the extra mile, because it’s not that far

We admit it, we’re a bit nerdy about service. We want you to feel you’re the most important person we’re dealing with, because when we’re dealing with you, that’s exactly what you are. At the heart of our service is connection – human to human, not business to customer.

Keep pushing that bar

Who doesn’t love positive reviews? A pat on the back lets you know you’re getting things right. But it’s the occasional negatives that actually make us better. We’re not perfect, so sometimes things go wrong. It’s how we fix things – that’s the true test of our character, as people, and as a company. We believe in continuous improvement. So we’re always looking to brush up our portfolio so it’s sparklier than last year’s. And we’re always exploring ways to make your experience with us better. No matter how good things are, there’s room to reach higher.

Do what’s right

Promises are just words until they’re met. We want to be judged by our actions. If we fall short, we’ll jump at the opportunity to sort things as quickly as humanly possible. And we’ll learn from the experience so it doesn’t happen again. This way, we commit to doing right by our guests, owners, and each other.

Encourage ambition

We challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. As individuals, we’re curious to learn and keep testing the boundaries. As a company, we foster a culture of support, openness, and the freedom to explore different thinking. There’s no one way to do things. But there’s probably a better way. Finding it is part of the fun.

Be fair

We believe kindness is an asset. Cooperation makes good things happen. As a company, we treat everyone – our team and our customers – with respect and consideration.

Love local

We live where we work because we love it here. And we want our guests to feel the same way. Communities thrive and grow sustainably with the right support. So we always champion local shops and independent traders and services whenever possible. We’re also proud to partner with charity and non-profit organisations committed to improving the local environment, opportunities and economy. We’re proud to sponsor the South West Coast Path Association who do incredible work conserving our beautiful coastline for generations to come. And we raise awareness through our LC Loves Local campaign, which promotes the extraordinary talent, produce and services of local businesses and community organisations across the South West.

Live by these values

Some say it’s easy to set out your company values, harder to follow them. But we live them because they’re who we are, and how we want to behave, as people. It’s why we started Luxury Coastal in the first place. This shared vision got us together to try to make the holiday home industry better for everyone involved. We spend a big chunk of our life at work, so we might as well be ourselves here!

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