With many of us placing a priority on sustainability in our homes and businesses, it’s no surprise that we’re more mindful than ever before of how we travel.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the growth rate of electric car registrations in 2022 was roughly 40% higher than in 2021, and as of the end of May 2023 there were over 780,000 fully electric cars on UK roads. Figures that certainly bode well for holiday home owners looking to go down the EV charger route.

Here, we’ll take a brief look at what the benefits are, while highlighting a few considerations too.

Guest attraction

First and foremost, will installing an EV charger at your property work towards attracting more guests? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Electric and hybrid vehicles, though still relatively new in concept, are set not only to improve in design but also to increase in availability which means they will almost certainly be the preferred choice for future vehicle owners – the majority of whom will enjoy at least one UK holiday a year.

Going green

We’re all thinking of ways to be kinder to our planet and the environment, and this is most likely the case for you as a holiday home owner too.

While features like solar panels and ground source heating may be a terrific future investment, they aren’t always a realistic short term solution. So looking for ways to make sustainable changes that benefit not only the environment but are also cost effective and can be done within a short time frame (like installing an EV charger), are a win.

Off the beaten track

A holiday home that enjoys a more remote location is an attractive proposition for guests who are looking to escape a busy lifestyle, as well as for the eco-conscious holidaymaker.

Offering an electric vehicle charger to your property’s features is a great selling point for homes that are slightly more off the beaten track and which it would appear, are becoming more and more sought-after.

Take your pick

It wasn’t too long ago that installing an EV charger within a home was brand new territory. Happily there are now dozens of reputable companies in Devon and Cornwall alone who have the know-how and skills to best guide you into choosing the most suitable solution for your home. Good companies will also offer support should any operational issues arise.


Installing an EV charger will of course involve initial setup costs, however these are easily outweighed by the potential for more revenue from an increase in bookings.

Once the charging point is fully operational, it may be a good idea to include any information specific to your property’s charging facilities to your guest welcome folder. Some owners will choose an app-based system whereby guests pay via mobile phone before being able to use the charger which may be a good way to manage usage and costs.

The alternative

In summary, installing an EV charger at your holiday property is well worth considering as there are many benefits for you and your guests.

If however you’ve not quite decided, then a good solution is to provide guests with information about the nearest charging points so they have peace of mind before they travel. A useful resource can be found on the CarWow website here >>

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