There’s no denying that hot tub holidays have become a firm favourite in the UK. Not very many glamping properties are without one, and more and more holiday homes are installing them as a desirable addition to the accommodation on offer.

So what’s the big attraction? Why are so many holidaymakers including hot tubs as an essential extra in their search for the perfect getaway?

We’ll delve a little deeper into this modern-day trend and throw light on why installing a hot tub at a holiday rental could be a good business decision for owners.

Increased revenue

Research conducted by Jacuzzi World UK in 2202 using data from Airbnb* exposed just how much holiday makers were willing to pay for a UK break with a hot tub that year. The data revealed that the average price for a bubbly addition during the summer was £282.68 per night compared to the overall average price of £135.37. A similar difference was evident for the winter, where the price of a holiday let with a hot tub stood at £232.46 per night compared to the overall average nightly price of £121.55.

Increased Attraction

The location of your property is terrific, as are its décor, amenities and furnishings. But throwing a hot tub into the mix can significantly enhance the appeal of your holiday rental property. It adds an element of luxury and offers the essence of dreamy getaways which is of course, relaxation. While a hot tub break is highly sought after by couples, it’s also become a drawcard for families as it adds an especially exciting element for younger members.

Extended Rental Seasons

A hot tub is a great way for owners to extend their rental seasons beyond the typically warmer months. A blustery walk on the beach can be followed by a warm and soothing soak, even in the middle of winter. This can lead to increased bookings and revenue throughout the year.

Relaxation and Wellness

Archeological evidence suggests that hot tubs have been used as a form of hydrotherapy for thousands of years with therapeutic bathing being enjoyed by ancient civilisations like the Egyptians and Greeks. The Romans and the Japanese also tapped into the healing and wellness properties of soaking in naturally heated pools. These days, slipping into hot bubbling water seems to still induce an instant state of calm, and offers guests a place to unwind and relax, promoting a sense of well-being and stress relief. It can be a significant draw for guests seeking a rejuvenating vacation experience.

Stand out

Including a hot tub in your holiday rental property can give you a competitive edge over other rentals in the area. Guests may be more likely to gravitate towards properties that offer them extra, and homes with hot tubs tend to stand out.

Marketing opportunities

A hot tub holiday provides an excellent marketing opportunity. By highlighting this feature in photographs and advertising, you’ll be more likely to attract potential guests, and of course, it will look very appealing on social media platforms, generating additional exposure and interest.

*Source: Jacuzzi World UK Blog April 2022

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