It’s no secret that we’re a nation of dog lovers. In fact, according to the World Animal Foundation, their most recent data reveals that 31% of UK households share their space with a pooch (that’s roughly 12 million!). It stands to reason then that pet-friendly holiday homes are currently and will most likely still be, in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Deciding whether or not to accept pets at your holiday home is however going to be entirely up to you, and will of course depend on various factors including personal and practical.

Here are a few things to consider which may help you with your decision:

Who would you like to attract?

If your holiday home is geared towards families or couples, based on the statistics mentioned there’s a good chance they’ll own a dog. For most dog-owners, a holiday which allows them to bring their canines with is appealing at the very least, but in most cases non-negotiable, with kennelling being a complete no-no for both financial and emotional reasons for some.

Is your property’s location suitable?

If you’re part of Luxury Coastal’s portfolio, your property will most likely be within easy reach of some of the best beaches in the South West – a huge plus for dogs as well as their humans. Coast path walks and sandy stretches mean plenty of fun and exercise; an attractive prospect for those looking for a pet-friendly break.

Is your property’s layout suitable?

Research into guests’ searches for pet-friendly accommodation shows demand for properties with enclosed gardens or outside space. If your home benefits from either, whether it be a courtyard or lawn area, this may appeal to those on the lookout for a holiday with their dogs.

Additionally, features inside your home may play a part. Is your flooring suitable and easy to clean for instance? Is there a space for a crate somewhere away from the bedrooms? These considerations ensure not only the safety and comfort of pets, but also reduce the wear and tear on your property.

Cleaning and maintenance

Choosing to accept pets may require extra cleaning and resources to keep your property looking and smelling fresh. We recommend highlighting certain restrictions for dog-owning guests which will help make cleaning and maintenance minimal. Consider limiting dogs by size, breed and number depending on the size and suitability of your property. Luxury Coastal requests a pet fee from all guests with dogs so our owners receive £20 per dog towards additional cleaning.

We state within our welcome instructions that:

• Pets should not be left unattended in properties
• No pets in bedrooms or on furniture
• Guests must clean up after their pets both inside and outside
• Pets should be kept under control and should not disturb neighbours

Liability and insurance

Review your insurance policy to ensure it covers any potential damages caused by pets. You may need to make adjustments or purchase additional coverage to protect your property adequately.

At the end of the day the decision to accept pets at your holiday home depends entirely on your preferences. If you decide that being pet-friendly aligns with your goals and the overall experience you wish to provide for your guests, it may be a completely worthwhile prospect!

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