One of the best things about being out at sea is the perspective you get of the place you live in.

Let’s face it our lives are busy. Driving the same routes every day to work, on the school run or to the shops doesn’t give you much variety in the way of scenery. I live in Paignton, a busy little town in the middle of Torbay, and while I know its landscape and beaches are there, I don’t actually get to see much of them.

Saturday mornings are usually a day of tidying up, doing the dishes and tackling the pile of laundry that magically appears after just seven days. How three people go through so much clothing in so little time I have no idea. But today I was surprised by an invitation to go on a boat trip out into the bay.

I had mixed feelings about it (I’ve been known to go a bit green out at sea), but overall I felt pretty excited. So at 9:00 am we headed down to Torquay’s marina.

It was a beautiful day with no wind and glorious sunshine. We lobbed our things on board, found a place to sit – and we were off. Pootling along towards the harbour’s entrance we took in the sights and sounds of marina life. Tiny fishing boats rubbed shoulders with huge motor yachts, and seagulls bobbed contentedly in the calm water. Flanked by two large breakwaters, the harbour entrance soon came into view and in just a few moments we left the shelter of the marina and hit the open water.

Throttle down we hurtled off towards the open sea with vast blue skies above us and sunlight bouncing off the water like tiny fish scales. After what felt like just a few minutes we turned off the engine and stopped to have a look back at the land we’d just left behind.

The scene was magical. The bay’s famous red cliffs jutted out into the water and the resident buildings looked perfectly poised along the seafront and up and over the hill. Best of all it was so quiet – just the sound of water lapping against the hull.

In the distance we could see Paignton’s beach and Pier, then Goodrington with its colourful huts and golden sand. We settled back into our seats for another thrilling ride and made our way over to our favourite beach; Broadsands.

Crawling up to the shallow water we once again dropped the little anchor, whipped our shorts and t-shirts off, and jumped into the clear water. Paddling around with not a care in the world we were even treated to a view of the steam train as it chugged past, whistling loudly to make sure we’d seen it.

After drying off and enjoying a bite to eat we were off again, this time making our way past Churston and Fishcombe Coves where two small groups of yachts had converged to enjoy the sunshine.

After a superb sea adventure we headed back, salty and a bit windswept but truly relaxed.

Back on dry land with the cool box unpacked and wet swimming costumes hung out to dry, I reflected on the day we’d had and the sights we’d seen and figured it’s a privilege to call this place we live, home.

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